My Vision

I believe in a Minnesota that promises all of us a chance to live with dignity  a Minnesota that offers living wage jobs with good benefits, strong public schools, and expanded access to our democracy. I will work hard to build relationships at the State Capitol and in our community in order to champion sound policy that benefits the people of 7B and all Minnesotans.

Living Wage Jobs with Benefits

Almost a quarter of the people in Duluth live in poverty. Too often, our neighbors, friends, and family are living paycheck to paycheck, facing foreclosure, or experiencing homelessness. People are working full-time and still can’t support their families. Over half of the workforce in Duluth doesn’t have access to a single paid day off. This poverty hurts our entire community, not only those struggling daily to make ends meet. I believe that we must build an economy that works for everyone, with living wage jobs that allow families to support themselves and live with dignity, and benefits like paid family leave and paid sick and safe time for all workers.

Well-Funded Public Education

I am grateful to be raising my daughter in a neighborhood with great public schools. Strong schools are not only necessary for providing education to students, but they are also part of building strong communities. I am committed to building a bright future for Minnesota by ensuring high quality pre-K programs, strong local schools, and supporting our kids all the way to high school graduation. We also need to make Minnesota’s public colleges and universities more affordable so more students have access to these schools and young people don’t graduate drowning in debt.

Expanding Participation in our Democracy

I worked hard to defeat the Voter Restriction amendment in 2012 and believe we need to expand access to our democracy, not shrink it. I believe that full and robust participation in all parts of politics — from the way campaigns are run, to the voting booth, to how policies are shaped and passed — makes for a stronger democracy. Minnesota, and Duluth in particular, has historically high voter turnout. This is something to be proud of. However, there are still laws that keep people from participating in our democracy. Tens of thousands of Minnesotans who have left prison and returned to their families and communities cannot cast a ballot because they are still on probation or parole. I support efforts to restore voting rights to those 47,000 Minnesotans. It’s time for the voices of these community members to be heard at the ballot box.