My Vision

When I ran to represent the people of 7B two years ago, I promised to build relationships at the Capitol and in our community in order to make people’s lives better. Now, as I run again, I am proud to say I have done this. During my first term at the legislature, I worked with our Duluth legislative delegation and City Officials to pass critical infrastructure projects for community. I’ve worked with colleagues from across the aisle on the tax committee to pass legislation that allows more kids to access free and low-cost programs through the Duluth Heritage Sports Arena. And I’ve worked with parents, teachers, and school leaders to fight off cuts to our successful pre-k programs.

I am deeply proud of the work we’ve been able to do together. But our work is unfinished. There is still more to do to ensure that everyone in our state can to thrive. That’s why I’m asking for your support as I run for re-election. I want to pass more laws that make our lives better and our city stronger. I want to build community. And I want to do this with you. Because if I’ve learned anything over the past two years, it’s that I cannot do this work alone. I hope you’ll join me.

As I look to the future, I remain committed to the work of making Duluth a city where we all can thrive. As your representative I will continue to build to a city that works for everyone.

Living Wage Jobs with Benefits

Almost a quarter of the people in Duluth live in poverty. Too often, our neighbors, friends, and family are living paycheck to paycheck, facing foreclosure, or experiencing homelessness. People are working full-time and still can’t support their families. Over half of the workforce in Duluth doesn’t have access to a single paid day off. This poverty hurts our entire community, not only those struggling daily to make ends meet. I believe that we must build an economy that works for everyone, with living wage jobs that allow families to support themselves and live with dignity, and benefits like paid family leave and paid sick and safe time for all workers.

Well-Funded Public Education

I am grateful to be raising my daughter in a neighborhood with great public schools. Strong schools are not only necessary for providing education to students, but they are also part of building strong communities. I am committed to building a bright future for Minnesota by ensuring high quality pre-K programs, strong local schools, and supporting our kids all the way to high school graduation. We also need to make Minnesota’s public colleges and universities more affordable so more students have access to these schools and young people don’t graduate drowning in debt.

Supporting and protecting seniors

I hear many stories of people struggling to care for their loved ones as they age. As people live longer than ever, we need to make sure seniors have choices about where they live, that caregivers are getting support, and that aging family members are safe and well cared for by staff who earn good wages. As a member of the house Aging and Long-Term Care committee, I will continue to work hard to stop elder abuse, to increase access to affordable housing for seniors, and to ensure that seniors can age with dignity whether that be in their home or another place of their choosing.

Healthcare that works for all of us

Since my earliest days working and organizing in Duluth, I have worked to make sure everyone in our city has access to healthcare. Now, as a legislator, I regularly hear from people who rely on MinnesotaCare, one of our state’s public healthcare programs, to take care of themselves and their families. I know how important this program is, and not only will I work to protect it, I will fight to strengthen it through what’s called the “MinnesotaCare buy-in,” an option that would allow even more people to access the high-quality, affordable healthcare that MinnesotaCare provides.